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John Burnett

(needs your support!)

Hello, most precious blockchain Patrons of the Arts! My name is John “TheWingless” Burnett, an award-winning Artist and Art Director in the video game and entertainment sphere for over 20 years. I’ve worked on games, apps, websites, fine art, mentorships – and now, I want to expand into Crypto Art!


Only… there’s just one problem. Gas prices are relentlessly high. As a first-time user, getting established on Opensea requires hundreds of dollars, and drafting a ERC-1155 contract on Rarible can go as high as a cool thousand(!) in Ethereum. As you can imagine, it’s all a bit much for a newcomer to the Crypto scene with barely any Eth to their name.


And that’s where you, my most wonderful Patron, come into play. I have 3 amazing Crypto Art campaigns, ready and rarin’ to go. If you can help me with the initial costs and transactional Gas prices to get established on Opensea, Rarible, and Mintable – well, boy howdy, do I have some great rewards for you – and yes, charity is always welcome, too!


My Crypto Art Campaigns

Crypto Ascendant

Crypto Ships Blockchain video game art for sale Apotheosis
Crypto Ships Blockchain video game art for sale Bombast
Crypto Ships Blockchain video game art for sale Deleterious

A Collectable, rarified series of gorgeous abstract metallic starships called Crypto Ascendant. Each ornate vessel is hand-crafted with a mix of antique Renaissance Caravaggism and modern graphic design to create depth and material through simple tricks of light.


Each ship is a demi-NFT at 640×640 pixels. There are three variations of ever ship: a core Silver Edition in quantities of 10, a Gold Edition in quantities of 3, and a version exclusive to my beloved Whales, the exclusive Xenodeus Edition. Gold Editions feature a hypnotic 4 frames of animation – and the Xenodeus is a stunning 6 looping frames of animation.

Campaign Specifications

Number of Pieces: 5

Rarefication: Silver, Gold and Xenodeus Editions

Quantities: Silver (10), Gold (3), Xenodeus (1)

Details: Silver Edition – static .jpgs

Gold Edition – 4 frame animated .gif

Xenodeus Edition – 6 frame animated .gif

Marketplace Specifications

Marketplace: Rarible

Initial Costs: one ERC-1155 (~$1000 at ~150 Gas)

Additional Costs: 11 Transactions (~$132 at ~$12 a transaction)

Total Setup: ~$1250 in Ethereum at ~150 Gas

The New Gods of Crypto

This Project has been generously funded by an anonymous donor. Thank you so much!

Pixel Art Crypto Art for Sale
Pixel Art Crypto Art for Sale
Pixel Art Crypto Art for Sale

This Project has been generously funded by an anonymous donor. Thank you so much!

The Old Gods of Finance are dead, and their thrones are left empty and wanting. It’s time for newer, stronger, stranger Gods… The New Gods of Crypto!


The New Gods of Crypto straddles the line between video game art, the macabre and the revolutionary. Each pixelized God is stunningly realized in 4 frames of hand-keyed animation – emblazoned with its own unique crypto-centric engraving. There are core Editions for every Crypto God, and one Whale’d Golden Edition available at a time.

Campaign Specifications

Number of Pieces: 5

Rarefication: Core and Gold Editions

Quantities: Core (3), Gold (1)

Details: Core Edition – 4 frame animated .gif

Gold Edition – 4 frame animated .gif

Marketplace Specifications

Marketplace: Opensea

Initial Costs: Funded!

Additional Costs: Funded!

Total Setup: Funded!

1st Worlds

Imagine modeling entire worlds… from the inside… in Virtual Reality. That is the oh-so-cool reality of 1st Worlds, a collection of 3D modeled environments, landscapes and micro-Worlds built in Google Tilt Brush; a 3D modeling program entirely based in Virtual Reality.


Core Editions have beautiful 4k videos of my imagineered Worlds. Atrus Editions come with a 360 3D video you can view with your Virtual Reality headset.

Campaign Specifications

Number of Pieces: 3

Rarefication: Core and Atrus Editions

Quantities: Core (3), Atrus (1)

Details: Core Edition – 4K Video

Atrus Edition – 4K Video and 360 Virtual Reality Video downloadable

Marketplace Specifications

Marketplace: Mintable

Initial Costs: Initial setup on Mintable (~$1000 at ~150 Gas)

Additional Costs: ??? for Gas

Total Setup: ~$1250 in Ethereum at ~150 Gas

How you'll be rewarded

And now we come to the part you care about, how you’ll be compensated. Obviously, I can’t give you Ethereum in return, or a loan or any royalties. If I had that kind of cryptocurrency, I wouldn’t be e-begging you! In exchange for your precious Ethereum to help with first time processing and transactional Gas costs, you can receive the following of this grand list of incredible rewards – negotiable when we talk:

Bespoke Creations

Love the aesthetic of any collection? Want it made just for you and nobody but you? Ask for a tailor-made piece in campaign style and I’ll happily provide it.

Gifted Art NFTs

Love an art piece to pieces? Ask for one in particular and have it Gifted into your account, gratis (non-Whale Editions, only).

Open Sales

Have the run of the place before the general public – buy any piece or ask for a collection of pieces before the NFT market floods with buyers.


Want to promote your Blockchain or non-Crypto app, website or product? Let me know and we’ll find a cozy place for your ad somewhere on your site.


And last, but certainly not least, you can always drop me some Ethereum just because you can. Anonymous tippers are always welcome, but if you want to let me know it was you, absolutely – write to me and let me know your Wallet Address!

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Want to help make some amazing Crypto Art?


Q: I’d just like to leave some Ethereum for you to help with Gas Prices

A: Wonderful! I happily accept anonymous tips, but if you’d like me to know who you are, feel free to write to me and include your Address.

Q: You didn’t include any pricing for your Rewards, why not?

A: Crypto fluctuates so wildly that I’d rather keep the rewards appropriate fluid as well. Clearly some rewards like bespoke art are commiserate with a higher Eth payout – but all of these rewards are meant to be negotiable in Ethereum patronage.

Q: Stop your whining, you’ve got plenty in your Wallet!

A: I really don’t! Transactional costs are crazy and wild and some of those assets are from work, others are for savings. Independant of all those facts, exchange rates are such that if I put in $100 of Ethereum, it might cost $100 to simply get it out of Coinbase. This is the same thing, but with less steps (and more social presence!)

Q: I don’t have any Ethereum either! Is there some other way I can help?

A: Absolutely, word of mouth is the other currency I’m in desperate need of. Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, go nuts and help get the word out on the internet’s best kept secret.

Q: I have a Crypto Project in the works and I’d like your help

A: I’m typically very busy, but I want to hear what you have to say. Write to me, and we’ll see what we can do.

Q: I run a Crypto Art Marketplace in early access. Would you join my site?

A: Love to, although odds are I’ve already submitted my work to you! If not, write to me and we’ll make something work.

Q: I don’t even know what Crypto Art is!

A: You’re not alone! Here’s a quick primer while I try to write one of my own.