The New Gods of Crypto

Now available to purchase on Opensea!

The old and petty gods of finance are dead… and their thrones are left warm and wanting. The time has come for far stronger and far stranger deities of profit. The time has come for the New Gods of Crypto.

I recently started working for a lovely little blockchain company (it’s not Linkedin official yet, shhh!) that opened my eyes to a new and hidden crypto world. It’s far more Alice in Wonderland than it ever will be Wolf of Wallstreet, and I’ve never seen a world so violently uninviting to the normies and so ripe with profitable potential.

This is my first bespoke like of cryptoart, The New Gods of Crypto, that straddles the line between video game art, pixel art, the macabre, and the punkrock. I channeled my inner Commodore 64 and Turbo-graphix 16 to hit the right color-scheme and shading technique – then projected the image by 500% to achieve the much more presentable size at 640 by 640.

I’d love to turn these into a long-running line, sort of like G.I. Joes back in my day (all sepia tone and full of scratches) with buyers from around the world vying for limited editions and ultra-rare oddities.

Now available to purchase on Opensea!


  • Industrial Age . 2021
  • Pixel Art on Photoshop


  • Contract: ERC-721
  • Market: Opensea
  • Initial Run: 5
  • Rarefication: Core (5), Gold (1)