The New Forge NFT Collectables

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In 2001 or so I created a Flash desktop app called The Forge, an AI-driven fantasy name generator that helped creatives from all over the world come up with amazing name for fantasy objects: weapons, lands, enemies… anything really. It earned thousand of hits a day (adjusted for the early 2000s, not too shabby) and remains a large portion of the SEO draw for The Wingless site even today.

In 2019 I redesigned the entire fantasy name generator from scratch as The New Forge… but again in Flash. The idea was to transfer it from Actionscript 2 to 3 and swap that with a java-script canvas and… well – it didn’t work. As of this writing, Flash is as dead as disco, and I desperately need to update or package the app as an executable.

But! I’ve been recently made the Art Director a lovely Blockchain company and my education in the world of Blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrency has been accelerating for months. The “gourmet” fantasy names I have on back-catalog at The New Forge are perfect to mint as NFTs, and so I designed a good dozen or so as a series of ultra-rare collectable Non-Fungible Tokens and minted them on the Blockchain.

I’m working on a series of new Blog posts about NFT art, collectables and how you can get involved – but in the here and now, think of NFTs as digital goods with a proof of purchase imbedded in their DNA. That means unlike any jpg or movie you can copy with perfect clarity, an NFT is attached to a super-ledger: the Blockchain. Only 1 person can have the original Nyan Cat, one 1 person can own the original Tweet, and only 1 person can own The Opus Enchantment.

You can buy The New Forge’s rarefied NFT collectables on Opensea or contact me for private sales.


  • 2021 . Industrial Age
  • Photoshop on AfterEffects


  • ERC-721
  • 1 of 1 Editions
  • Gold and Atrus Editions
  • Available on Opensea