The Better Worlds Posters

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As a commercial artist with a background in Psych, I’m always torn by the idea of “the power of art”. On the one hand, nobody knows quite like a fine artist showing off their wares how little their art matters. Yet any social scientist will tell you that even the color red has immediate and visceral emotional underpinnings. How can art be trivial and overriding at the same time?

Amid the roil of covid19, I am (as of this writing) safe and secure – and not to put too fine a point on it – the future doesn’t look to grim for me. There’s opportunity, growth, hope. Thus overburdened with a surplus of optimism, I wondered if I could somehow… give away the extra.

The Better Worlds project is a series of posters (series coming soon?) based around the idea of hopefullness amid dread and uncertainty. Rainbow colors, spaceless gemoetry and a spirit of flourishing earmark these handmade pieces; a wild departure from the duotone alieness of my Metroid Poster.

Available for sale on Etsy as a 11×14 or 18×24 poster with free shipping, if you need artwork that tells you in no uncertain terms the uncertainty will fade, humbly, look no further. Let this art be a light when all others fail.


  • 2020 . Industrial Age
  • Colored Pencil on mixed-media paper
  • Photoshop