Years of Practice

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Years of Practice

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This project is a collection of my practice sessions at the piano improvising whatever comes into my head (mostly video game music). I’ve practiced using this method my entire life, and decided more artists need to have a “warts-and-all” approach to showcasing their work. So here is my music; raw, fumbling, off-tempo and half-dreamed of – all at my extreme embarrassment and always in your honor.

The music below is updated often and is only one of several practice sessions I’ve recorded!

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1:09 Chrono Trigger – Frog’s Theme
3:44 Chrono Trigger – Zeal’s Theme
7:47 Super Metroid – Jungle Theme
9:55 Torin’s Passage – Overworld Theme
12:35 Star Tropics – Dungeon Theme
15:21 Final Fantasy XII – Blinded by Light
16:23 The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time – Windmill Theme
17:26 The Legend of Zelda – Fairy Theme

6-15-2020. This newest session has some astounding fat-finger playing, flubs, and going wayyy faster than my early-morning playing could handle. But I have to admit, I love the chord structures on some of these, and I’m getting much better at curating songs that go in places you never expect. I’m also getting a little more in touch with discordance and 2nds – adding a bunch of “noise” into my repertoire as well as an even deeper, more insane love of arpeggios.

Visit Soundcloud using this link to find this and many other unedited practice sessions!

Original Post

I am writing and posting this in late April, the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. And like so many people around the world in this global human story – It’s… different.

In my own little world, I’m safe and secure (and hope this post doesn’t age like milk). I’ve shifted my attentions from vigorous personal branding to just simply wanting to help the people around me… even if the greatest good right now is staying still – and other, more abstract efforts to help seem silly.

Which brings us elegantly to music.

In an effort to become a better musician, I record and listen to my practice sessions – and have for a few years. But unlike the Improvised Collection; a sudden realization that patches of my recordings were somewhat listenable – this is the whole enchilada. Raw recordings of me at the piano noodling, honing, drilling, stargazing – my natural state while sitting at the piano on my own terms (and not under the yoke of Saturday-morning lessons or the lash of recitals)

The blending of a global Pandemic, intense personal development and the new philosophy of “you are ready now” conspired to make me release this to the public. Plans were in the works to make the project far more elaborate – but I feel it stands on its own simple merits. It’s pretty, it can help others in a time of uncertainty and, not to sound morbid, but I’d hate to have something happen to me and not have the world know what I sound like these days.

The bulk of the project is on Soundcloud, but I am actively entertaining the idea of hosting dozens of practice sessions to interested Patreons. For now, enjoy long sessions of me not minding that you’re listening over my shoulder – nerding out to an encyclopedic knowledge of improvised video game music.


  • 2020 Industrial Age
  • Cubase with the Kontact 5 Grand Piano on a Yahmaha Arius