Interested in the exciting, lucrative and creative world of User Interface and User Experience Design? Want to be part of the remote workforce that does their 9-to-5 in their pajamas? Want that literal six-figure salary as a far-from-starving Artist? Do not wait another minute. Let’s start today!

Hello, you beautiful prospective Mentee! My name is John, a 15 year User Interface Artist and User Experience Designer in the video game industry and digital design sphere. I love helping Artists, Engineers and Designers achieve their dreams and live the life they know they deserve. I’ve got lots of options – see which program is right for you!

UI & UX Design Bootcamp


4-6 week program of bespoke projects

3 hours of video conferencing

write-ups, paintovers, detailed job preparation

resume and portfolio audits and enhancements

Hourly Consultation

$125 $50 Special

Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack, etc.

Laser-focused results for your project

Lightning-quick 48 hour response time

Executive-level analysis and guidance

UX Designer for hire my face



Hello again! My name is John Burnett, a 15-year UI and UX Developer with AAA game companies and more Indies and Startups than I can count.


I have a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois in Chicago prestigious Art program. I have been an in-house Artist for Midway Games, a Senior Artist at Electronic Arts, and a Lead Artist at Id Software. I’ve also been the UI / UX Director at international company Glu Mobile at their new Seattle studio.


Since then I’ve started my own design studio where I’ve worked with Activision, Google, Microsoft and yet still even more Indies and Startups (whom I love!). In that time I’ve made everything from fine art to apps to interfaces to consultation to educational kits (coming soon!)


My love of design, imagination and inspiration are Industry-known, and I would love to bring that inspiration to your neck of the woods. But don’t take my word for it – I’ve got social proof!


Companies I have worked with or for:

UX Designer Mentorship companies

Projects I have worked on: Ballers Phenom, Ballers Chosen One, Unreal Tournament 3, Stranglehold, Blacksite: Area 51, This is Vegas, Sleep Sheep, The Saboteur, Doom Mobile, Doom 2 Mobile, Rage Mobile, Wolfenstein Mobile, Rage, Enchant U, Ham on the Run, Call of Duty Ghosts: Clan Wars, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Zuma’s Revenge for Xfinity, Plants vs. Zombies for Xfinity, Nova Blitz, Shadowrun Hong Kong, Rise of Tyrants, Zombie Gunship: Survival, Warframe, Wasteland 3