Between the time I left id Software in Dallas and arrived in Seattle to work as an Art Director, I had some downtime that I spent mostly with friends and intimates. A week before the movers were to arrive, I suddenly had the idea for not one but two separate projects… and they were both produced and uploaded before the movers ever knocked on the door. In recent memory, I can’t remember working so feverishly while all at once seeing so clearly what the work should become.

Lightbearer was the first of those two ideas, part of a collection of pieces lovingly called my Serenities. The Serenities were meant to be stared at for minutes on end for the express purpose of relaxation (a contemporary audience might define this as a cinemagraph or even ASMR). In addition to perfect loops, the Serenities also have some light programming attached to them. For Lightbearer, the angel can choose from four colors at random, no two colors chosen consecutively. This affords the piece both a feeling of grounded reality and otherworldly intelligence.

Lightbearer turned out better than I could have ever expected and remains one of my absolute favorite pieces.


  • Music: El Shaddai Official Soundtrack - Medly 1


  • 2012 . Studio Age . Dallas
  • Photoshop & Actionscript on Flash