Welcome to the blogs of John “TheWingless” Burnett, videogame Art Director and award-winning UI UX Designer (Midway Games, Electronic Arts, id Software, Activision, and more). While a bulk of my writing are game UI Design courses and guides, I do branch out occasionally into culture, tech and personal life. Check back often, as many blogs are updated with new art and content!

How to find your first video game UI UX Design Job Opportunity

Blog Cover Game UI UX Design Course cover dark souls inventory

10 Simple ways to Improve your Videogame Inventory Screen

Google's Most Asked Videogame UX UI Design Questions Answered thumb

Google’s 15 Most Asked Videogame UX UI Design Questions, Answered

videogame UX Wireframe examples cover

How Do You Make a Videogame UI UX Wireframe, Part 1 – How to Get Started

GAME UI DESIGN COURSE Metroid Prime cover thumb

10 Easy Ways to Practice Video Game UI Design on your Own

Game UI Design Course doom helmet


7 Obvious Beginner Mistakes in your videogame HUD cover

7 Obvious Beginner Mistakes in your Video Game’s HUD (from a UI UX Art Director)

The 13 Green, Yellow and Red Flags when interviewing for a UI UX job thumb

The 13 Green, Yellow and Red Flags to look out for when interviewing for UI UX jobs

Questions an Art Director would ask about your Portfolio

The 10 questions a UI UX Design Art Director Asks Before Hiring You (from an Art Director)

What really happens in a UI UX Design job application & interview for gaming thumb

What Really Happens in a UI UX Design Interview for Video Games

UI UX Design Art Blog 7 Obvious design mistakes on your project

The 7 Obvious UI UX Design mistakes on your project

How To Break into the Video Game Industry Through UI UX Design cover

Breaking into the video game industry through UI UX Design – FAQ

The Saboteur User Interface

How to make the jump from vanilla / corporate UI UX Design to video game UI UX Design

Learn UI and UX video game design in the covid19 age screen

How to learn video game User Interface Art and User Experience Design on your own in the Covid19 age

The top 10 best video game soundtracks of 2010-2020 that you don’t know about

video game UI artist UX designer crash course blog

A crash-course in getting into video game UI and UX design for absolute beginners

The Lighthouse – The difference between homage and theft

UX designer John Burnett Blog VR mistakes in UI thumb

The 10 mistakes I see everyone make in their Virtual Reality user interfaces

John Burnett UX Design Play Original Doom in Virtual Reality

How to play the original 1993 Doom in Virtual Reality & play the most immersive mods & maps

UX Designer cover letter featured

How I got into the video game industry – or – the shortest story ever told



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