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Hello, you beautiful nerd, you!


Welcome to the UX Spacecamp, a fully online, remote 1-on-1 Mentorship Program that teaches you UI UX Design for apps and video games! 


With my program, we’ll create month-long curriculums that are completely tailored around you, your ambitions and your abilities. You’ll work alongside an award-winning Art Director with over-the-shoulder guidance and screen sharing capabilities. Don’t know Photoshop from a photograph? My charming “a real Han Solo type” personality will make every meeting feel energetic, safe, and productive. Trust me, our time together will quickly become the highlight of your whole week (and who knows, you might learn something too!)


My name is John Burnett, an award-winning UI UX Designer, Art Director and remote Mentor located in Chicago. In my nearly 20 year career, I’ve worked on some of the biggest titles (Unreal Tournament III, Rage, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Warframe) with some of the biggest companies, both in house (Midway Games, Electronic Arts, id Software, Glu Mobile) and as a Consultant (Activision, Microsoft, King, Google) – and I’ve helped more Indies and Startups than I can count. I’ve worked on every platform, every console and every genre. In addition to my Renaissance-man talents (no seriously, check out the site), if it has a pixel, I’ve worked on it and I can teach you.


Both the team and the UI UX Designer benefit from a rock solid process. That means a foundational understanding of how to start projects, how to plan around the unknowable, and how to future-proof concepts. Here, we plan to win.

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The lifeblood of every professional designer, learning how to wireframe is essential if you want to become a developer. We will learn how to make an industry-standard wireframe that teams will love. Step-by-step guidance on how to make one of the most important deliverables. 


Weather you’re making Apps or Video Games, making UI art will always be required of you. Learn how to master photoshop skills vital to crafting beautiful artwork that studios adore.


Fresh out of school or making the jump into game design? No worries, here you’ll learn everything from portfolio design and guidelines to attract companies. We’ll workshop your resume until it’s irresistable to an Art Director. Learn how the day-to-day job of being an app or game developer really works!

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Things have changed dramatically for the Tech Industry, from how they hire to how they function on a day-to-day basis. Having a Mentor who is aware and sensitive to these matters is crucial moving forward. Be guided in wildly uncertain times by an Industry insider who cares about the Artist first.


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Superior Value

UX Spacecamp Exclusive

The UX Spacecamp is $500 cheaper than its big-name competitors, and is nearly 75-90%(!) cheaper than traditional schooling in unsafe classrooms.

Monthly Mentoring

28 day sessions guiding your UI UX Design career step by step. Commit more time for faster growth and greater savings!

Resume Polish

Make your first impression with a company the absolute best it can be. No more anxiety when applying

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Screen Sharing

UX Spacecamp Exclusive

Welcome to over-the-shoulder instruction from the comfort of home! We’ll explore your weekly work together and edit realtime in Photoshop.

5 Hours of Video

240 minutes of Skype conferencing, paint-overs & detailed analysis with a sunny personality that inspires

Portfolio Development

Inset all your beautiful new design projects in a slick package that will turn every Art Director and Hiring Manager’s head

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Award-winning Mentor

UX Spacecamp Exclusive

My award-winning career has seen every genre and challenge known to designers. That success absolutely can be taught to you (with a smile!)

Tailored Projects

Assignments built around your skills and goals. We start with your passion, and build from there!

Realtime Career Aid

Have an interview and need the unfair advantage? Curious about the Industry? Get the inside scoop from an actual Insider



Thomas C. – App Developer Mentee


“I was fresh out of art school, totally left out to dry, no idea where to go or what to do. John didn’t just teach me the skills I would need in a brand new career, he taught me the ins and outs of what its like to be on a team. When I finally got my first industry job, it fit like a glove because I knew so much more than just making portfolio pieces.”


Jillian T. – Game Developer Mentee


“I’ve always loved games since I was a little girl. I never thought I could make them. After Covid hit I was furlonged and decided to try for my dream job. The UX Spacecamp was a godsend, John constantly taught me knew things about design, art, interaction… I learned more than I ever would have in any class and I kept myself and my family safe. “


Will L. – App Developer Mentee


“I’m an OLD Print guy and well, print ain’t exactly coming back. So I knew I wanted to take the design skills I had and make them work for me. John made the transition silky smooth, I felt like I had a cheat code for the game of life. Went from terrified to make a UX career change to confident literally overnight. AAA+, would learn from again.”


Amitt M. – Game Developer Mentee


“I live in Hyderabad, India aspiring to be a game developer working in the United States. With Covid19 making everyone work remotely (and making classrooms unsafe), I loved the UX Spacecamp. In spite of the time difference, John was there with a smile and so much incredible information that within months, I had my first remote game job in Seattle!”

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What the- you’re still here?!


My name is John Burnett, and this is my UI UX mentorship program. I started this to be the kind of person I wished I had in my corner when I was first starting off. When I was applying there were no standards, no rules, and no in-roads to a career in UI UX Design for apps and games. In spite of that, I’ve enjoyed a meteoric rise in my career from entry-level artist to Art Director in under a decade. After that I decided to strike it out on my own as a Consultant… okay, really an Art Mercenary working remotely, and I’ve been doing that for nearly a decade. 


But it’s the Mentorship program that I’m most proud of. I’ve helped international students from all walks of life and all possible situations. While I’m pleased they are getting a robust technical education, it’s the fact that they’re getting excited about their craft, their world and their future… that’s the prize. When a student says the meetings are their favorite day of the week, When they can’t sit still talking about their latest work, or they actually get a little teary when they land their first job – there’s a kind of magic in that.


Magic that is easily teachable, I might add.


As for the boring stuff, I have a Bachelors in Psych and a Masters in Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois Chicago. My first job was as an entry-level UI Artist at Midway games, then as a Senior UI Artist at Electronic Arts, then a Lead UI Artist at id Software, and then as a UI UX Director at Glu Mobile. In that time I worked on console, PC, mobile and web projects and… well, really anything with a pixel. And very little changed once I started working remotely. For the past 10 years I’ve worked with Activision, Microsoft, King, Google, and more indies and startups than I can count. 


When I’m not working or teaching, I enjoy being Renaissance-y as hell making Art, Music, Acting, Writing, Inventions… really anything that moves, helps, or shakes people up. I live in Chicago with my beautiful family.


Want to see more of my stuff?




Fill out the online application form so I can get a sense of your skills and goals. Not all applicants may be selected due to time constraints!



Selected Mentees will be contacted for a 30-minute Skype call to really zero in on your goals and personality. No one-size-fits-all Mentoring here.



Once approved, you will be invoiced before the session begins. We’ll also pick a day and time for our weekly video conferences.



We meet every week on “our time” while working on tailor-made projects and developing your flourishing career as it happens.

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Register for the UX Spacecamp and jumpstart your UI UX Design career today! My program is split into App and Game design, pick a program that excites you the most and apply. You won’t pay for the program until after our initial meeting. I also run Hourly Consultations if that’s all just a bit too much commitment.


Don’t wait to get that dream UI UX Design  job.  Let’s. Start. Today!

Learn UI UX Design for Apps

$1599.99 per monthly session

Learn UI UX Design for Games

$1599.99 per monthly session

1 Hour Consultation

$199.99 /hr

Perfect for projects, personal work, career advice, resume & portfolio polishing – really anything and everything at an affordable rate. Limited to one consultation a month per client.


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Q: Is this associated with any other mentorship programs or institutions?


A: Nope! This is my own personal UI & UX Mentorship program – with a deeply discounted price compared to other comparative private Bootcamps by working senior-level talent, and nearly 90% cheaper than traditional schooling(!). It’s also the only video game UI & UX mentorship around.



Q: It says UX Spacecamp, is there no UI or Interface Design?


A: There is a TON of UI and visual design in the class! I’m calling it the UX Spacecamp simply because that is a more popular search term for search engines (free SEO lesson for you all!)



Q: What if I need a refund?


A: You have seven days from your initial purchase of the program to receive a prorated refund



Q: What will we learn?


A: Anything you want, however you want! Sessions can be highly structured around projects and output, or free-wheeling explorations designed to strengthen your artistic chops and engineering know-how. But if you want things a la carte, we’ll absolutely learn conceptualization, wireframing and art asset creation. We’ll also constantly talk about the Industry, career prep, and insider information.

Q: What if I need to reschedule a video conference day?


A: I’ll always make room and stay flexible to reschedule these days, as they are crucial to your development – even if it strays outside the 28 day timeframe. These will be taken on a case-by-case basis.



Q: Can I request a subject for one of your UI UX design blogs?


A: While it may not be a guarantee of completion, I’m always interested in hearing what you’d be interesting in reading.



Q: Can I take consecutive months of the UX Spacecamp?


A: Of course! In fact, you gain a sizable discount for a 2-month commitment with the UX Spacecamp.



Q: Do you teach absolute beginners UI / UX Design?


A: Absolutely! You guys need the most help, and the deeply discounted price for multiple sessions was created just for you!



Q: Where’s your work portfolio?


A: Here is a mini-portfolio of work while I redesign my work portfolio for 2020.