The Element of Flesh

If you’re a Renaissance person, eventually you’ll be attracted to other people who master-of-none just as well as you can. If all roads do not lead directly to DaVinci, they at least skirt around his Territories. So, as fate demanded, I found myself reading DaVinci’s journals and sketchbooks.

And to my surprise, they are gory as hell. Not gory in the sense of Robocop’s tangerine-sized squibs. Gory in the sense of lovingly realized organs, skulls, wombs with babies, fleshless arms…

And like all children of the 80’s traumatized with Stockholm by the works of H.R. Giger (Alien) or Rob Bottin (The Thing), I thought it was beautiful. The idea of these horrible flesh-wrought images on parchment was clear as day in my head and I finished the project in a little under two weeks.


  • 2011 . Studio Age . Dallas
  • Photoshop & Actionscript on Flash