From Up Here

I lived in Seattle from around 2012 to 2015, generally and genuinely disliking my time there. Though time makes fools of us all, I can’t help but feel the fault was mine. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves-

I have been both blasé and wolfish about moving around the country for The Industry; Chicago to Los Angeles to Dallas to Seattle and back again in the span of a decade. When you move out of habit, there’s a zen-sure acceptance that you will have to start from zero yet again; paired with the quiet confidence that you’ve done it before.

Seattle was Sisyphean.

While I could drag you into the cauldron-abyss that is my memory of the place, there are two things I categorically cannot deny about Seattle as positives.

The first: Seattle women are incredibly flattering.

The second: I had an amazing view. All of the following captures are from my place in Seattle.


  • 2012 . Frontier Age . Seattle
  • Nikon D40