The Yggdrasil – VR World

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I’ve been a Virtual Reality enthusiast and champion ever since I received an Oculus Rift Gen 1 for Christmas. I upgraded to a Valve Index right before 2020 Lockdown and I can easily say its been a contributing factor in my purveying Zen. As… oh let’s call it jank as the technology is at present, it’s still host to the most novel experiences of the millennium.

And VR also has the side-effect of making traditional experiences take on a brand new life. For example, 3D modeling, which I’ve always wanted to do, but never could bring myself to drop hard cash on Max or Maya. Then Google made the most wonderful compromise ever: Google Tilt Brush, a 3D painting program that you use in VR.

And I love it. I have an special fondness for crafting little worlds – an indelible holdover from playing Myst as a kid and falling in love with the idea that people could simply write a world and it would be so…

This particular piece marks the first World I’ve created that filled me with a sense of wonder. The chair you see is set to the same height as my couch in my office, so I can literally sit in that world and relax. The tree in front of the floating island is likely 40 stories high and deep. The whole World is about a city block in diameter.

I think I spent 2 weeks or so Worldcrafting – which is very, very different from sitting at a comptuer 3D modeling. I was the size of a giant, then the size of a mouse. I floated through time and space. I painted the world in ribbons of light.

I may not have had pants.

Download the Google Tilt Brush Source File for Yggdrasil and experience it for yourself!


  • 2021 . The Industrial Age
  • Chicago
  • Valve Index on Google Tilt Brush