Through the great celestial clockwork that governs the Spheres and the Stars, Seattle looks like hot garbage most of the year: an iron-bound sky that weeps an everdrizzle. But every once in a while a tide of fog crashes into the city and things turn straight-up Eldritch, and you have to grab your camera.

As mentioned elsewhere on the site, my time in Seattle was… challenging. I can say with casual uncertainty that Umbra represents (at least fractionally) how I felt about being there – though that was hardly the original intent of the project. The original intent was catch some harmless fog and touch it up.

But the more I revisit the work, the more I can’t help but feel that yes, sometimes I felt like what you see below, making the work obliquely autobiographical. Or at the very least, this doesn’t feel culled purely from imagination.



  • 2014 . Frontier Age . Seattle
  • Nikon D40