Fifty Cent Dies Tryin’

I was on a DeNiro kick in the Summer of 2018, briskly running through his catalog of movies. When lo – enter our hero – the movie Righteous Kill, which seems to exist solely to give octogenarian DeNiro and Pacino a chance to pal around before retirement. Inexplicably, 50 Cent is in the movie, presumably at the height of his deal in 2008, being acted circles around.

Near the end of the movie 50 Cent’s character is killed suddenly and inexplicably. I mean without warning whatsoever, and the plot suddenly kicks into overdrive for the remaining 10 minutes of film. Everything, I mean everything about this clip is hilarious to me: the bizarre framing of the shots, DeNiro’s ultra-casual sweats and performance, Pacino’s “pop a squat” school of firearms safety, fiddy’s crazy gesticulations with his hands, or the obvious defenestration that defies the laws of man and nature. It all combines into one spectacular piece of cinema.

Also, you da Pumpkinhead.


  • 2018 . Light Age . Chicago
  • AfterEffects