El Ambar del Catalan

El Ambar del Catalan, or The Amber of Catalan, is a playful little stab at practicing watercolors, depth, and geometry. While rebuilding my artist’s studio after the flood, I spent as much time studying artists as I did making my own art. I stumbled on the Surrealists fairly early, Picasso and Dali most intensely, and found them fascinating historical figures (I’ll always have a soft-spot for the broadly talented).

Funnily enough, the study of traditional artists has made me analyze my work less as a thing that I do idly and more as a Rosetta stone to my aesthetic sensibilities. From the feminine curvature of the forms to the gravity-defying nature of the elements, everything says volumes about my headspace and my hands.


  • 2018 . Light Age . Chicago
  • 22.9cm by 30.5cm
  • Watercolors on Watercolor Paper