In August of 2017, I started learning (with toddler-like strides) charcoal drawing whenever I could spare a moment. I started with the absolute basics: shapes. Cubes, pyramids, cylinders… all the golden oldies of the 3rd dimension.

And then I got to spheres and something… happened.

Lots of artists have favorite models or subjects; leitmotifs that repeat for personal and professional reasons. But when I started drawing spheres, more specifically, ovoids, I couldn’t stop. It was Lovecraftian: a bottomless compulsion to draw the shape over and over again. Must have drawn it for months.

Shortly after the start of 2018, I became engrossed in Surrealism (with a generous nod to Picasso and Dali), and applied some of those principles to the scaffolding shape. Beyond technique, I also bought toned-tan paper and white charcoal to give the pieces their ancient, otherworldly feel.


  • 2018 . Light Age . Chicago
  • 14cm by 21.6 cm
  • Charcoal on Toned-Tan sketch paper