How Music Can Change a Scene

My Need for Speed Supercut allowed me to get my big-toe wet in the world of editing, opening the flood gates for all kinds of silly experiments with film. In an interview, Akira Yamoaka once remarked that he didn’t like soundtracks that practically dictated to the audience what they were supposed to be feeling. The action, the dialog, the scene… these were supposed to build mood as an aggregate. Each waterdrop contributing to an ocean.

I think about this idea a lot, toying mentally with famous scenes with wildly different music (and marveling at the speculative soundtrack). I decided this would be a fine sophomore project, and after realizing the fight between Batman and Bane in The Dark Knight Rises has no music whatsoever, everything fell into place – the project capped with a neat little bow in about 48 hours or so.


  • 2018 . Light Age . Chicago
  • AfterEffects