Need For Speed Supercut

One evening I was perusing Xfinity looking for something to watch and effectively “put my brain in neutral”. I scrolled past the movie Need For Speed, thinking idly, isn’t that the off-brand Fast and Furious? Curiosity gave way to side-splitting comedy as I realized almost every single face the characters make when they drive is exaggerated to the Nth degree. It was so funny, I found it distracting, wishing absentmindedly that somebody would make a supercut of all these faces.

So began the hand-on-stove revelation that I could make that supercut. I quickly realized that not only is editing fun, there’s a good chance your favorite part of a movie is, in fact, due to the Editor. I was blown away by how much a simple audio cue or timed cut adds to the moment. I was hooked.

One of the more enjoyable projects I’ve done (why don’t I do more comedy?!), finished neatly in a week from start to finish, the Need for Speed Supercut opened my eyes to a world where how you present your message is far more important than the message itself.

Or in short – JUST BREEH, BREEEH!


  • 2018 . Light Age . Chicago
  • AfterEffects