The 2020 Summer Art Collection

Something to note before we begin: my art collections are titled after the season they are released; the art you are seeing wasn’t made in the Summer, but rather in the Spring of 2020 – during the start of the Covid19 crisis and straight through the George Floyd Protests.

The start of 2020’s mid-march represented a period of creativity I honestly don’t think I’ve had since Grad School – where boredom turned my notebooks into the envy of DaVinci. The mixture of global anxieties, lockdown, and unprecedented zeitgeist lead to a flurry of art.

Of particular note is the art I made during the start of Covid specifically about Covid. I knew that the facts and figures would never be in dispute in the future, but everyone would forget how it all felt. So I made sure to make paintings in the Abstract Expressionist style to focus on the feelings of these very important days.


  • 2020 Industrial Age
  • Ink on calligraphy paper
  • Watercolor on cold-pressed paper
  • Watercolor pencils on tone-taned paper
  • Photoshop
  • AfterEffects