2020 Summer Art Collection


Something to note before we begin: my art collections are titled after the season they are released; the art you are seeing wasn’t made in the Summer, but rather the Spring of 2020 – during the start of the Covid19 crisis and straight through the George Floyd Protests.

The start of 2020 was a period of accelerating creative output from me. I was focused on personal branding – which is a formal way of saying, “I want to do what I want and see if people will pay me for the privilege” (spoilers: kinda!). 

By the start of Spring I started blogging all kinds of topics. I ran two Mentorship programs: one for hourly consultation and a full-blown monthly bootcamp. It took forever, but I redesigned my personal website. I started making UI / UX supplements for other Designers. I got a Valve Index!

And just before the Lockdown swept over us, I even moved. Granted it was within the building, but still – I ended up half-moved and quasi moved-in. Then the Lockdown occurred and for months, a world that functioned in tandem with the internet functioned solely within its labyrinthine tubes.

The start of mid-march represented a period of creativity I honestly don’t think I’ve had since Grad School – where most of my time was sketching out ideas for fun projects instead of paying attention (my idea was better in the long run). This was also a period of being greatly influenced, especially by Symboligists like Jean Delville and Gustav Moreau and visionary bad-ass from the future Frank Lloyd Wright


  • 2020 Industrial Age
  • Ink on calligraphy paper
  • Watercolor on cold-pressed paper
  • Watercolor pencils on tone-taned paper
  • Photoshop
  • AfterEffects