The Metroid Poster

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I’ve always wanted to take my artwork from the computer screen to something much more tangible. During the early onset of Covid19, I decided nobody would really be able to ship products like they could in the old days. The traditional ways of seeing and buying at art would likely be decimated as well, if only for a time. Sensing blood in the water and change in the wind, I set up an Etsy shop with a few digital pieces I had naturally lying around to feel out the process.

After some delightfully flattering purchases by fans and well wishers, I expanded my horizons to see if I could make physical products with Print on Demand services – full blog on how to make your own Posters coming soon!

The Metroid Poster is the first real work I’ve done that was intended from the start to be a tangibly sold piece of art. I’ve also given myself the personal challenge to see if I can “class up” nerd memorabilia. The nexus of these ideas you can see to your right.

The Metroid Poster is hand-painted in watercolors using my own patented “Biologique” method of only using reds, blues and washes. The piece was scanned in a color lab, touched-up in Photoshop and inset with beautiful a long-letter typography.

There are two versions for sale on Etsy: “Titled” and “Untitled”. The “Titled” version contains lettering, the “Untitled” version does not – in case you want an unobstructed view of the art.


  • 2020 . The Industrial Age
  • Watercolor on cold-pressed paper
  • Photoshop