The Unreal Source Collection

While I am always thankful for the internet celebrity I have from my music, most of that fame comes from derivative work and covers. You can exalt others for only so long until you realize you could be making something uniquely your own – and I wanted to make music for video games. But ah! A dilemma: nobody wants to hire a rank-amateur, so how do rank-amateurs get better without the prerequisite experience? My solution was to make and fake the opportunity.

In the early millennium, Epic and Valve Games publicly released their game engines (Unreal and Source, respectively) to be fruitful and multiply in the pc scene, Epic even going so far as to have a contest for the best original mod. It was a garden-spot for original indie games full of big ideas and, to the best of my knowledge, not a whole lot of then-recognizable music.

So I picked a few titles and made original songs as if the team had actually hired me. These songs are unfinished, imbalanced, and hot-pink raw at points – and they will always hold a very special place for me. And why not? I was able to make music for games… even if nobody knew but me.

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The Unreal Source


  • 2006 . Millennial Age . Chicago
  • Eastwest Symphonic on Tracktion