(wip) The Micro Music Video

Covid has obviously be-bullocks’d a bunch of social events, most notably the venues where everybody sweats shoulder to shoulder to a beat. Nevertheless, the need to make music hasn’t abated. This presents a rather awkward scenario: more music through social media.

So I’ve been thinking more and more about how musicians (myself and my friends) can best showcase their work in this brave new world where a phone is their gateway to your work. But if true, that requires a whole new perspective on how we make music – especially if it can only be consumed by the minute-full.

Which made me think about the smallest, strongest method to present music – especially music tailored to be played in one sitting – mobile first.

So the idea of the Micro Music Video came into being. There are several configurations I have in my head, with the one below being the simplest and easiest to reformat for any Musician or Song.

Below is a proof-of-concept for myself of me playing a medley from The Legend of Zelda on the piano (I’m a classically trained pianist and turbo-nerd). I’ll need to fix up how noisy (and therefor unreadable) low-register notes are, a few detail on the main screen, and I’ll definitely need to soul-search if 60fps at 1080p is necessary for a bunch of bouncy bars.

Be sure to right click below, show controls, and turn the sound on.