Frequently Asked Questions


fantasy name generator



Q: What is The New Forge?

A: The New Forge is a fantasy name generator (more commonly known as a random name generator) designed to help kindle your imagination for all your creative endeavors. The New Forge creates two-word combinations from a massive database, which you can edit on the fly by changing single words, writing in new words, and a host of other options. Think of it like a mixture of a word-processor and photoshop – but for your ideas.



Q: How much a subscription cost?

A: Nothing! The New Forge and its updates are completely free to use. We rely on the generous support of our users through Patreon to cover expenses, and encourage everyone to be a part of this incredible journey. We accept donations monthly, as well as showcase monthly rewards to our benefactors. But whether we’ve just released or put the finishing touches on a blacksmith name generator, this name generator will always be free for you.



Q: My Chrome browser says Flash is blocked. How do I fix this?

A: Allowing Chrome to show Flash is very easy. Please follow the instructions on this page.



Q: What does Patreon support get me?

A: We have 5 levels of Patronage in The New Forge. Levels 2-5 are rewarded by having their names listed in our Patreon page as well as on the front page. Levels 3-5 can have the Patron pick a number of their Forge-created words to accompany their name! Higher levels of Patronage allow for a even greater number of creations to be committed next to your name. The absolute highest tier will have their name and creations not only on this site, but emblazoned on the main menu of the app itself! You will become a living legend for everyone to see!



Q: I have an idea or addition that would be perfect for The New Forge

A: Like a Forge specific module or something broader like blacksmith name generators? We’d love to hear it – please use the contact page and make sure to clearly mark the subject field. We are especially interested in hearing what projects you use The New Forge for, be it dungeons and dragons sessions, tabletop gaming, digital gaming, comics, books, or anything. We would love to know what the heck you’re using a fantasy name generator for!



Q: I found an error, bug, or bit of troubleshooting that could use your attention. Where do I go?

A: Again, use the contact page to get in touch with us – please be as specific as possible!



Q: I have a business inquiry and would like to discuss this directly, how do I go about that?

A: Start with the contact form and detail your proposal (be sure to state it’s a business inquiry in the subject field) and we’ll take it from there. We’re advertiser friendly and would love to talk about guest blog posts, twitter retweets, anything that helps connect people to brilliant ideas.