When we say The New Forge is the world’s best all-round fantasy name generator, we mean it. We have big plans in store for this app (feel free to tell us what you’d like to see!) that span years. Here is a speculative look at what we have planned by priority. If you would like to help us achieve these goals, visit our Patreon page and consider being a contributor! 



High Priority




Move to HTML5

The Alpha of The New Forge is made in Actionscript, specifically chosen for its cost and ease to port into Animate CC. Sadly, Chrome will be disabling Flash in 2020, so it is important to begin the transference to html5 as quickly as possible. This is not a seamless process, and may require outside help. 

  • Intensity: Extreme 
  • Timeframe: Long
  • Consultation: likely

Undo and Redo Button

Sometimes you can get into a random name generator frenzy and accidentally click over that one perfect name, only to have it be consigned into the ether, forever lost. One of the major additions will be an undo button. How many levels of undo and what elements you can reverse are TBD.

  • Intensity: Hard
  • Timeframe: Moderate
  • Consultation: no

Theme Selection 

The original Forge (or The Forge to true fans) had a module that allowed you to theme your selections, funneling the global name changes into themes. For example, you could access a fantasy creature generator / fantasy animal generator and have all your creations be much more in-tune with the beastly, all the while being light on, say, spell names. We would love to bring this classic feature back, especially because our new random name database has words divided into theming naturally. 

  • Intensity: Moderate
  • Timeframe: Moderate
  • Consultation: no


Low Priority




New Modules 

The main module could always be supplemented with additional generators or ways to use a universal naming solution. New modules, for example a speculative “player piano” section that creates fantasy names in droves and you select the ones you want to keep, will require research and testing. But our foundation is strong enough to certainly allow for more exotic explorations of fantasy naming. 

  • Intensity: High
  • Timeframe: High
  • Consultation: no

Mobile App  

Miniaturize everything great about The New Forge for iOS and Android devices. Complex and ambitious beyond all reasoning, creating a mobile app is no easy task. However, our team has had long experience making apps for console, pc, and mobile – so the task is challenging, but far from insurmountable. 

  • Intensity: High
  • Timeframe: High
  • Consultation: yes


Create a Discord channel for suggestions, bugs, and of course, a creative community! Discord may gain in priority if there is enough public requesting for it, or if other more pressing tasks resolve themselves in a timely manner. 

  • Intensity: Low
  • Timeframe: Low
  • Consultation: no

Cosmetics and Advanced Options 

The alpha version has a few functions baked in. One of our lingering tasks is to give the user more freedom and control without overwhelming them. That means things like controlling the effects, number of creations per page, and even color schemes. This is a quality-of-life change and will likely remain a low-but-ongoing priority for the project.

Intensity: Moderate – Timeframe: Moderate – Consultation: no