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The New Forge has been around for almost fifteen years (formally as TheForge) delighting imaginations the world over. In that time, we have also networked with many other fantasy name generator websites, thanks in no small part to the generosity of their respective owners. We are pleased to present the following fantasy random name generators.






Fantastynamegenerators.com is the venerable grand-master of the random name generation world, and the crown on Google’s list of name generators. This site features an absolute embarrassment of riches for any creative – with laser-focused generators on everything from fantasy creature names to spell names.





Seventh-Sanctum has been crushing the name generator fantasy world since 1999. Broad categories of gens (i.e., magic name generators) are subdivided into other topics (spell name generators) to keep it well organized. The systems in play are robust, varied, and almost always have a surprise-or-two in store.





RanGen joins the decade-old pantheon of name generator greats, and like Seventh Sanctum has turned into a sprawling writer’s sanctuary. In addition to dozens of targeted fantasy generators, the site also holds writing prompts, competitions, guides, and several resources. A very inspiring place if you need to find an upbeat place to grow. 





Chartopia’s catalog of naming generators goes back like a tooth, going well into the dozens, possibly hundreds. This makes a world of sense once you realize Chartopia is more focused on heated gaming session with many moving parts. The site has simple 1-click solutions and a micro-focus on tabletop gaming lorekeeping. 





Name-generator.org is another stalwart of old-school name creation. While very busy to the eye and difficult to navigate at times, the site does have a robust set of name generators – and an intriguing auto-complete system for all its input fields. This allows you both surgical precision and broad leeway as you build and refine. 





Donjon has a code-heavy set of generators, mostly gaming-geared, that orbits around theme, adventure and scenario construction. There’s a fair assortment of name generators as well, but Donjon’s bread and butter is the cohesive world that those names inhabit. Full featured, vast and generous in its suite of tools, this site is perfect for anyone who demands enormous follow-through in their fantasy world building.   





Generatorland.com has a unique twist on the old name generator formula:you create your own. Granted, The New Forge (and TheForge too, incidentally) allowed you to write in your own words into the database, this site lets you populate your own generator. If you’ve looked at everything else on this list and said, “I could do better!”, you need not wait to find out.

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Did we Miss a Name Generator?




The New Forge prides itself on being one of the oldest all-purpose fantasy name generators on the internet and one of the first to be refurbished from the ground-up. So much has changed in that time that we can’t possibly scout out all the great technologies for our imaginations. If we missed a great generator, or you yourself have created something wonderful – we want to hear about it! Please use our contact page and let use know a little bit about it and we’ll see what we can do!

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