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We at The New Forge recognize many of our audience use the app for creative writing, indeed, some Hugo-award winning authors and others in it just for the love of the written word. Nevertheless, regardless of the number of bestsellers under your belt, the New Forge is always at your disposal to make you slightly better at creative writing tomorrow than what you are today. Here are a few writing tools to help you:


Creative Writing Mega-forums


  1. Poets and Writers is an absolutely massive resource for established and soon-to-be established writers. From community forums, writing prompts, contents to guides on how to get published to actual connections to publishers themselves, Poets and Writers is an absolute battleship on the rough seas of authorhood.
  2. Writer’s Digest is another colossal resource (though sadly much rougher on the eyes) that focuses on community, contests, critiques and getting your Good Works published and into the mainstream. Writers’ beware: you will fall down the rabbit’s hole.
  3. Reddit is a top-5 internet destination for the entire planet Earth. Inside its multi-cosm of cultures is who-knows-how-many writing forums, each dedicated to their own broad or razor-thin focus. Non-redditor beware: there is quite the sub-culture herein, and you’ll need to feel out the etiquette one faux-pas at a time. 
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Formal & Academic Writing Guides


  1. The Harvard College Writing Center is an excellent place to start for essay and formalized writing, including structural guides, best practices, how to properly cite your work per style.
  2. University of Ottowa’s HyperGrammar is a great place to get some easy short-hand on some of literature’s thorniest problems; including the eternal enigma of when to use the high-holy semicolon. A great resource to refresh your knowledge of the genetics of storytelling.
  3. Thesarus.com. Woe betide any knave who, with malicious acumen, seeks only to scribe an opus of only middling perspicacity. You gotta learn gooder words, by dudes, and an online Thesaurus is just the thing for those of you who did not find SAT test vocabulary an intoxicating delight.
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Tools and Apps


  1. The New Forge is the world’s best all-purpose fantasy name generator. Obviously it’s going to be on the list!
  2. Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator. Sometimes you need to take your world-building literally and start from the highest top-level view possible. Azgaar’s map maker generates whole continents for you, complete with logical ecologies – complete with labels. In other words, it’s a literal world builder.
  3. Calmy writer. While we prefer the dogged workmanship of Google docs and sheets, there is nothing more soothing that the idea of writing without distraction. Calmly is just a simple online word processor, no options, no ui, no nothing. Just a cursor. A wonderful tool for anyone that wants, above all, to get completely lost in their work. 
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