The 2020 Autumn Art Collection

My art at the start of the Covid19 crisis moved smoothly through the seasons from March into the Summer. My need to capture the Pandemic’s zeitgeist subsided – mostly from burnout. Nevertheless, the 2020 Autumn collection represented a wondrous moment for me as a fine artist: I went through a phase!

Specifically, I went through a circle phase, having been previously influenced by Symboligists like Jean Delville and Gustav Moreau – which moored my work mythology. But it was the work of visionary bad-ass from the future Frank Lloyd Wright – specifically his carpets – that sent me into overdrive.

Since this collection is arranged chronologically, you can see my art transform from duotone to prismatic, formless to circular, and ethereal to optimistic over the course of an entire (an unprecidented) Season. It’s one thing to be inspired by great artists… it’s another to have the receipt.


  • 2020. Industrial Age . Chicago
  • Watercolor on cold-pressed paper
  • Watercolor pencil on toned-tan paper
  • Colored pencil on mixed-media paper