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Hand-crafted by the finest Artisan Namesmiths, The New Forge's Name Galleries are finally here! Endlessly entertaining and evocative, free and Patreon galleries are added regularly! Take a look and be inspired! SHOW ME!
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What is The New Forge?

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The New Forge is a fantasy name generator that you can use to brainstorm creative ideas. Our award-winning desktop app features “Blacksmith” technology, allowing for on-the-fly edits, database additions – even saving your fantasy names to clipboard! Published authors, game developers and all manner of content creators have used our fantasy name generator app, and we’re thrilled to have you experience naming inspiration on a whole new level!

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Artisan Name Galleries

In addition to our award-winning fantasy name generator app, we also host Name Galleries, beautifully crafted “gourmet” fantasy name collections made by some of the finest name Artisans in the world. These Galleries are focused on themes, such as Armor, Kingdoms, Blacksmiths, etc – and are regularly added. No need to wait for the perfect fantasy name, odds are we’ve already lovingly handcrafted it for you!

Twitter Name Generation

The New Forge also host a thriving online creative community based around fantasy names on Twitter. We send playful arrays of dozens of fantasy names based on daily themes like Monday Magic or Thursday Throwdown. Often, we’ll highlight artists, game makers, and content creators from around the Twitterverse. As a social creative agency, we also champion online causes that promote diversity, unity, and creativity.

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