Hello! My name is John “The Wingless” Burnett, a professional video game developer for over fifteen years. I am a User Interface Designer (UX Designer) and User Interface Artist (UI Artist) for hire, and for UX Mentorship.


But outside of work, I am an Artist, Designer, Coder, Painter, Photographer, Calligrapher, Musician, Songwriter, Actor, Writer, Mentor and Influencer… and I love making all kinds of wild and wonderful projects.


Below are all the cool personal projects I’ve made over the past 20 years since I started this site. I also love to TED-talk about fascinating things in my Blog. Take a look, and thanks for coming!


or so they all tell me


I have a lot to say about stuff, and here is where I collect my thoughts.

The 10 mistakes I see everyone make in their Virtual Reality user interfaces

I’ve played alot of VR and I definitely am picking up on a pattern here… You guy stink! 😛

How to play the original 1993 Doom in Virtual Reality & play the most immersive mods & maps

You can run the 1993 Doom in Virtual Reality! Here are 4 easy steps and a ton of maps to get started!

How I got into the video game industry – or – the shortest story ever told

Want to know how I got my big-break into the Game’s Industry? The story is so not what you expect…

Did… did that do anything for you?


I mean, you scrolled this far

Hello, again! My name is John “The Wingless” Burnett, and this is my talent showcase (think non-professional portfolio). Professionally, I am a User Interface Artist (UI Artist) and User Experience Designer (UX Designer) in the entertainment and video game industry. I have been an in-house artist for Midway Games, Electronic Arts, id Software. I have also been the UI / UX Director at Glu Mobile. These days I run my own firm and have worked with companies like Activision, Microsoft and Google – as well as more Indies and Startups than I can count!


I started this site in early 2000 while I was in college and have been learning and building ever since. My skill sets over the years have grown into an eclectic assemblage. Art, music, acting, writing, photography, coding, design… it really is an incredible time to be a Renaissance person because I can share these works with you.


Feel free to explore, I’m always expanding and building around here (when I’m not swamped being a video game developer!). Thank you so much for visiting, and I look forward to inspiring you.


I love hearing from you. No really, I save fanmail

I absolutely love receiving mail from you and hearing what you think about, well, any of this! Drop me a line for questions, comments or just to fanboy/girl out. And now for the particulars:


For general matters, I try to read everything I am given. Although you might not hear back from me, I always enjoy hearing your feedback. This includes projects you’d like to see more of, or errors & improvements to the UX Design and the like.


For business inquiries or affiliate programs, please mention so in the subject line. For Guest Blog entries, or to request a Blog entry, include exclusivity clearly in the email. Any requests for UX Designer consultation, bear in mind I am in a central time zone.